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Old maps of the area

Before Winton

Here are some sections of early maps drawn before Winton became a recognised settlement. Some do however show a Winton South of Ringwood. This is in fact the village that has now become Winkton.

Winchester was also sometimes known as Winton.

For some notes of this group of maps see the "Heathland Origins" page.

West Hampshire 1611

West Hampshire 1759

West Hampshire 1791

West Hampshire 1826

The development of Winton

Winton first appears in maps towards the end of the 19th century. Notes on this group of maps can be found on the "Victorian Vision" page.

Note that Bournemouth was part of Hampshire until the 1974 local authority reorganisation put it in Dorset.

Winton in 1880

Winton in 1891

Winton in 1894

Winton in about 1895

Winton in 1903

Winton in about 1923

1920's map showing southern perimeter of the racecourse/airfield

Winton in about 1929

Winton in about 1939

Winton in about 1962

Winton now