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A sense of place - Winton's past in words and pictures

Winton is not just a collection of roads and houses, it is a place where all kind of things have happened and all kinds of people have lived. Books have been written here and pop songs composed. It's been the home of celebrities and heroes and a place of laughter, dancing, singing, tears and plain hard graft. It's a place to be proud of. Back in 1907 you could even get a Greetings from Winton postcard - although as you can see below, most of the pictures on it were of Talbot Village and Moordown!

This section is being constantly updated. If you have memories or photos, please get in touch.

If you are looking for the history of Charminster and Queens Park click here.

Ancient Winton

Stone age locals and what they left behind


How the land was developed to form Winton (includes early maps)

Victorian Vision

The building of Winton (includes old maps)

Shopping in the past

See the local shops a century ago

Trams, trolleys and buses

A century of public transport in Winton

Baden Powell and Winton

How Winton lads helped found the Scout movement

Early aviation at Winton

A forgotten airfield with a fatal attraction

Winton's famous author

She wrote a classic of English literature

Beehive Mystery

Did Winton really have a coat-of-arms?

Winton Library

The story of a pioneering library

Winton Rec

A hundred years on and still a place to relax

Then and now

See how things have changed in Winton

Origins of road names

Who named what after who in Winton

Winton's Fire Stations

Firefighting across the years

Winton's lost cinemas

Where the cinemas were and what remains

Winton's Tragic comic

Hancock's first Bournemouth home was in Winton

Stokewood Baths

More than just a leisure centre

Winton's own theatre

Is that a footlight I see before me?

Winton's War 1939-45

The full story - what happened where and when

A personal war

Eyewitness account of Winton in the Second World War

Winton's War 1914-18

The terrible price. And how it is remembered

Sex and religion

The film star, the bandleader and the Winton chapel

1960's Rocking Winton

Winton rocked the world in the Swinging Sixties

Local Heroes

The three local men who won the Victoria Cross

Historic Maps

Local maps dating back to the time of Shakespeare

Rolling and Bowling

Winton's forgotten indoor delights

The German Church

Heart of a community for more than 50 years

Bogart to Bingo

A photo walk around the cinema that turned to bingo

Moderne Memories

Remembering Winton's flashiest picture house

Air Crash

The bomber that crashed on Wimborne Road

Beam over Winton

Secret war in the sky over Winton

Policeman's Lot

140 years of pounding the beat in Winton

Benny Hill at BSB

Came to Winton to finish his education

Hut to Hope

How Winton YMCA changed with the times

The Lost Shrine

The sad story of the secret chapel

Racing Days

Winton's long gone days at the races

Place of Pilgrimage

The Winton church that spread across the world.

Winton's Royal Visit

First Winton - and then Mrs Simpson!

Winton 1970

A 1970 visitors paradise?

Fampoux Gardens

Lest we forget!

Ice Cream arrives

How Winton reacted to free ice cream!

Opera in Winton

Yes - light opera locally!

Sixties Shopping

Some of the shops in 60's Winton





Your Memories

If you have stories, memories or photos of Winton that you would be prepared to share, please get in contact.

*Pictures of Brunswick Hotel and Wimborne Road courtesy of Bournemouth Library