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Some of your recollections of Winton in the past.

Who says nostalgia is not what it was? Send in your memories and let everybody share.

John Pudney's memories of Winton in the 1960's

I grew up in Winton and lived in Limited Road from 1957-1975. I still have fond memories of life in the sixties having gone to Moordown St Johns school from 1956-1962, headteacher was Miss Read who had a pronounced limp and walked with the aid of a stick.

My class teachers were Miss Stock, Miss Tansey, Miss Webster, Mr Williams and Mr Adams. I then went to Winton School for Boys in Coronation Avenue but we also used facilites in Oswald Road for woodwork, metalwork, physics, chemistry and technical drawing so we all made that trek two or three times a week in all weathers either walking or cycling.

There was a tuck shop between Ensbury Park Avenue and Oswald Road which we all had to pass on the way and it did a lot of business with the schoolkids calling in for penny sweets which were abundant in the shop or putting twopence in the PK chewing gum machine on the wall outside.

Sometimes on our way home from Oswald Road we would call in at Geralds Bakery where for a penny they would sell you a bag of 'stales' which were in fact end of the day unsold cakes or pastries.

My father used to insist I had a short back and sides and always went with me to Tarrants the barbers at the bottom of Peters Hill opposite Jameson Road. It wasn't until 1965 that I was allowed to have a Boston cut which was the nearest I ever got to having a moptop style which was all the rage then.

From 1964 till 1967 I did a paper round for Warnes the newsagent and tobacconist on the opposite side of Wimborne Road to Tarrants and will always remember Mr Warne who always had a nasty smokers cough and always had a cigarette on the go.

I used to get 3/6d for Monday to Saturday mornings and 7/- for Sunday morning.

When I was old enough to drive I had lessons with the Principal driving school who were based in Old Christchurch Road. I learnt in an Austin Mini and remember my driving instructor giving me a number plate reading check which I failed. I had to wear glasses for driving and went to Lawrence the Opticians, which was in the same parade of shops as the school tuck shop, for my very first pair.

Nikki Dix remembers the 70's and 80's

I have lived in Bournemouth all my life. I lived in Pine Road, Winton, as a child and have spent my married life nearby in Ensbury Park. I went to St Lukes primary school and then Glenmoor for Girls. When at Glenmoor, the road was only a dirt track and called Boundary Lane, now it is a busy main road. I used to walk to school, as did most children back then.

The Hop and Kilderkin in Winton used to be the old Continental cinema. In more recent times, there used to be a Sainsburys on Peters’ Hill, where Wilkinsons is now.

Whilst still at school I used to have a Saturday job in the restaurant at BHS in Bournemouth which used to be where Primark is now. I used to get £4.00 wages.

Back then kids would walk or cycle everywhere. I spent lots of time at Pine Road Park, which back in those days had an old fashioned ‘Parkie’, and had lots of childhood rides that have long been deemed to dangerous for a childs park. also had a paddling pool where the sand pit is now. Also used to cycle to Winton Rec a lot.

I remember going to the opening of Martins in Winton, and getting Christopher Timothy’s autograph.