Winton Forum


Then and now

A look at how things have changed in Winton


Co-op opens 10 July, 1912

Pub opens on same spot 21 April, 2008

Wimborne Road - circa 1912

Wimborne Road 2006

Opening of Winton Library 1907

Winton Library 2006

Argyle Laundry, 29 Latimer Road, 1940's

Barker's Laundry 2006 (fire damaged and now demolished)

Tuck's blacksmith's forge, Smithfield Place circa 1900

The site of the forge 2006

The Moderne Cinema late 1960's

The same building 2006


The Continental Cinema late 1970's

The same site 2006


St Luke's Church 1914

St Luke's Church 2006


Winton Fire Station 1958-9

Winton Fire Station 2006


Moordown Trolley Bus/ Bus Depot 1950's

Somerfield 2008


YMCA, Jameson Road, 1928

YMCA 2008


Fitzharris Arms, Wimborne Road about 1870

Queen Victoria Hotel, Wimborne Road, pre-1986

The same site 2009



* Pictures of "old Winton" courtesy of Bournemouth Library